Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chemistry Bumper Cars, 2018

Multiple anonymous internet comments agree: Faculty moves still occur with rapidity and fluidity. Think of them like a "jobs plasma," flowing around major campuses every few years.

The 2017 list had grown like a wild blackberry bramble, so it needed a trim. If you hear of an impending 2018 move, please tell me in the comments, and I'll post in the "Pending Confirmation" section. Escape from this purgatory involves sending me a link or other documentation from the new institution. Happy speculating!


Philip Cole (JHU to Harvard)
Tanja Cuk (Berkeley to UC Boulder)
Eilaf Egap (Emory to Rice)
Aaron Esser-Kahn (UCI to Chicago)
Fabien Gagosz (CNRS to Ottawa)
Sharon Hammes-Schiffer (UIUC to Yale)
Eva Harth (Vanderbilt to Houston)
Jen Heemstra (Utah to Emory
Ryan Hili (UGA to York)
Rong Huang (VCU to Purdue)  
Tristan Lambert (Columbia to Cornell
Michael McGehee (Stanford to UC Boulder)
Christian Melander (NC State to Notre Dame)
Pere Miro (UNF to South Dakota)  
Garrett Miyake (UC Boulder to Colorado State
Peter Nemes (GWU to UMD - College Park)
Rob Paton (Oxford to Colorado State)  
Scott Phillips (PSU to Boise State) 
Mario Rivera (Kansas to LSU)
Christine Thomas (Brandeis to Ohio State)
Bill Tolman (Minnesota to Washington U St. Louis)  thanks, Chemjobber and Bill!
Greg Verdine (Fog or LifeMine)
David Walt (Tufts to Wyss Institute
Ryan White (UMBC to Cincinnati
Junrong Zheng (Rice to Peking) 

Pending Confirmation

Nozomi Ando (Princeton to Cornell)  two sources
Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard to Toronto)

OK, it's an imperfect employment metaphor, but stellar profs *are* like mutant superheroes....right?

New Hires

Keriann Backus (UCLA Biochem)
Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb (Michigan)
Carson Bruns (UC Boulder)
Scott Hansen (Oregon)
Dugan Hayes (URI)
Scott Horowitz (University of Denver)
Ashlee Howarth (Concordia)
Tim Johnstone (UCSC)
Rashad Karimov (Auburn)
Steven Lopez (Northeastern)
Marek Majewski (Concordia)
Lara Malins (ANU)
Jarad Mason (Harvard)
Jesse McDaniel (Georgia Tech)
Jeff Mighion (Kent State)
Jia Niu (Boston College)
Malay Patra (TIFR)  
Sudeshna Roy (Ole Miss)
Bess Vlaisavljevich (South Dakota)
Yiming Wang (Pitt)  
Elizabeth Young (Lehigh)
Ran Zhao (Alberta)

Pending Confirmation

Alison Strom (Smith)


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For 2012-2013 moves, click here


  1. Saw this recently. You could call this 2017-2018:

    1. She was previously at Amherst, so dunno if this is a new hire.

  2. Christian Melander (NC State to Notre Dame)

  3. Scott Horowitz is University of Denver, not CU Denver (they're different!)

  4. Trauner moved in the summer, not new for 2018. Niu and Wang also started during the 2017 academic year and were on last year's list.

  5. Didn't see on last year's list, but Lindsay Repka started at Middlebury this last semester

  6. Check this spinning BMW M4 On Snow

  7. Michael Rubenstein (UNC to Duke)

  8. Robert Comito to Houston

  9. Hien Nguyen from University of Iowa to Wayne State University

    1. I heard that he moved to Wayne State as Carl Johnson Endowed Chair. Just saw his profile on Wayne State's website

  10. Sivaguru to BGSU

  11. Hee-Sun Han (MIT PhD, Harvard postdoc) was hired at Illinois in Fall 2017.

  12. Douglas Philp from St Andrews to Northwestern

    1. What is the source for this? Seems highly unlikely

    2. His name is already in Northwestern directory:

  13. Where is the people that interviewed for this cycle? Some of them probably got the offer already

  14. Mark Banaszak Holl has left Michigan to become chair of Chemical Engineering at Monash University

  15. In addition to Rashad Karimov, Monika Raj and Jordan Harshman started working at Auburn last semester (Fall 2017). Raj was previously faculty at Seton Hall.


  16. New hires at Berkeley -
    Kwabena Bediako
    Jon Rittle

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  18. Jonathon Caranto (Postdoc at Cornell, Lancaster group) to Central Florida University.

  19. Buz Barstow (Princeton Researcher) starting at Cornell

  20. fyi the Smith hire is *Alexandra Strom, not Alison

  21. Joel Smith (Scripps postdoc) to Florida State:

  22. Yeah, Nozomi Ando will move to Cornell this summer (summer 2018)

  23. Did Jeff Van Humbeck move from MIT to the University of Calgary? His group webpage hasn't been updated (, but he is listed as an assistant professor on the University of Calgary's website ( and not on MIT's (

    1. Yep, he's already there. From what I understand it was solving a two-body problem (plus moving back to Canada doesn't look so bad in the current political climate...)